Picture of an Inverse Ella

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You are a

Inverse Ella

“You didn't see me on television, you didn't see news stories about me.” So said Ella Baker, who fought so hard against systemic injustices without any desire to be in the spotlight, to be praised, to be a leader. Just a doer. Well, you seem to be the opposite of that. Systemic injustices are in your sights, but their fixing is a way for you to show your personal strength, be lauded, feel good about yourself. Is it wrong to do that? Depends if while fixing in one hand, what you are building up for yourself is counterproductive. Like, say, a politician supporting a popular cause just to get elected/ prop up their mate’s business/push through contradictory agendas. Know what we mean? We’d want to understand a bit more before taking your money, if our association with you might damage our integrity.

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