There are a number of words and phrases that have particular meaning in the context of The Wunderbar Foundation - mostly they are related to the names of the Philanthropic Personalities. We have written some explanations of those here.

Further information can be found in the FAQs sections. If you have other questions, please do drop us a line here or via our twitter.


Panda is one of the alternative names for Empanada, the Roman goddess of charity, hospitality and asylum. To us, a Panda is someone who shares qualities with her.


If your Philanthropic Personality is Singing, it relates to the moral philosopher Peter Singer. His works, including the book The Most Good You Can Do, have been the inspiration for the Effective Altruism movement. Singer is a consequentialist - that means for him the right thing to do is always whatever brings about the best consequences. This can sometimes mean acting in ways that are at odds with one's feelings or personal loyalties. It can even require you to do things that have traditionally been thought of as vicious or prohibited. For us, Singing types are those whose giving is results-oriented. Read more here


Peacocks, particularly the males, like to look good, to show off to their mate or to demonstrate prowess. They also do look good, so we thought it made for a nice name.


If you recognise yourself as someone that gets the Good Feels from giving money, you’ll be glowing - because that’s what the warm fuzzy feels we are talking about give you. An internal glow that makes you feel great, or at the very least, a bit better than before.


Named after character in the Greek myth that fell in love with his own reflection, Narcissuses in our quiz are a bit like Peacocks, in that they like to look good. They are however a bit more determined to do so.


Our scouts like to do good deeds, maybe not everyday like the Baden Powell motto encourages, but with their donations at least. We aren’t suggesting they are always prepared. (They might be, but we couldn’t possibly know that from this quiz.) 


The bible story of the Good Samaritan tells of a man who had been mugged, and a stranger - the Samaritan - stopped to help, going out of his way to do so. The story sets the precedent for laws across many countries - designed to prevent people being sued if they happen to make a mistake while trying to help someone in need. Our Samaritans are those people that most want to help people in immediate need - though hopefully no one would try to sue them for doing so.


Gekkos are named after the infamous fictional character Gordon Gekko from the Wall Street films. The corrupt trader whose motto was “Greed is Good.” Our Gekkos are people that believe what makes them look good is personal success - and they give money for that aim. Honestly, we aren’t sure allying Gordon Gekko with anything philanthropic makes much sense, but its just such a good name, and it sounds like a cute reptile, so we went with it anyway.