Welcome to The Conscience Fund. This is our free service we offer to anyone that wishes to donate to us without getting anything back. It is an anonymous system - we will never tell anyone you gave us anything.

If you have arrive here from the site, it’s because you don’t want to take the quiz - we’re open to that option, but what you receive from us in return for a donation will be limited.

If you have arrived here via the Philanthropic Personality Test, its because we’re not sure that we’re ready to hand over the Cool Friends and Good Feels without getting to know you a bit better. But because we never give up on anyone, you are welcome to donate here.

Further information

The Wunderbar Foundation Conscience Fund is based on the original American Conscience Fund, set up in 1811 by the US Treasury. In the US, unlike the UK, it is possible to overpay your taxes on purpose. The Conscience Fund is one way to do that.

The Conscience Fund is one of three gift funds maintained by the United States Department of the Treasury and is used for voluntary contributions from people who have stolen from or defrauded the United States Government. The fund was created in 1811 and received US$5 during its first year and over US$5.7million during its first 175 years.
The fund's name comes from a letter sent with a US$1500 check for previously misappropriated funds saying, "Suppose we call this a contribution to the conscience fund and get it announced in the newspapers, and perhaps we will get some more"  

A bit like community service, where you might do community good as a way to make amends for your wrongdoing, our Conscience Fund is a way where you can give money but without getting anything back. As we said, we will never tell anyone you gave us anything. But you might get some absolution.