Picture of a Glow-Gekko Activist Operative

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You are a

Glow-Gekko Activist Operative

You are a strange beast, aren’t you? Your personal success seems to be entwined with your need to fix the world’s broken systems and structures. By the way, we aren’t accusing you of insider trading, nor would the Gordon your name is inspired by have been anywhere near our quiz, but we do suspect you might follow the greed is good ideology. Or, more likely, the one that goes: the more money I make, the more people I can help, the better I feel, the more money I can make.

You may be interested in the Effective Altruism movement, where making as much money as possible is a core aim, so that you can give more away in an aim to fix the problems of the world. And they have a whole social movement and everything. The question for us is do we want your money, if our association with you might damage our integrity?


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