Picture of a Peacock Poseur

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You are a

Peacock Poseur

The way this quiz is set up allows for some unusual routes through. But let’s say you meant come this way - then it seems your main motivation is to be seen to being doing a good deed. Maybe you do actually care, but what really matters is that others recognise your generous actions. This makes you look good and looking good makes you feel good. There’s no “Secret Millionaire” in you* – what would be the point of missing out on the good feels and reputation? If other people benefit from your generosity, it’s a win win. The questions for us are: do we agree with the rules of your game? Do want the win of your money, if our association with you might damage our integrity?

*the irony of course being that Secret Millionaires are nothing of the sort, so maybe that’s exactly what you are.

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