Ilana is an artist and Rachael is a philosopher. They have been working together, experimenting with new ways of doing research and making art, since meeting at the Star and Shadow Cinema 2014(ish).

Their collaboration was forged during shared practical struggles around chasing money to do cool things without getting involved in bad stuff. Practical turned to questioning, and so began the idea of this project and the hope to find answers both to the questions and the money.

Ilana Mitchell – aka Cosmic Singing Panda

Ilana is a practising artist, curator and project facilitator. She is Artistic Director of Wunderbar, a producer and creator of “playfully disruptive and seriously curious” projects since 2009 and was a founding member of Star and Shadow Cinema. Other projects include The Year of Years, Edicure and an ongoing challenge to drive around every four stack interchange in the world.

Rachael Wiseman – aka Friendly Glowing Justice Warrior

Rachael is Lecturer in Philosophy at University of Liverpool and co-founder of the Integrity Project. When she is not working with Ilana she is researching women philosophers and drinking tea with Mary Midgley for Women In Parenthesis or writing papers about intentional action, ethics, or self-consciousness.