Wunderbar is an art producer based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Wunderbar produces its own projects (like this one) and works with artists to produce their projects. We describe our works as playfully disruptive and seriously curious, and like to involve audiences as active participants in everything we do.

We also are staunch believers that how we do things is as important as what we do. We’ve been producing projects this way since 2009. Read more about or ethos and history on the Wunderbar website.

Some of our favourite projects include the upcoming Great & Tiny War by Bobby Baker, Opera Helps by Joshua Sofaer and Nightwalks with Teenagers with Mammalian Diving Reflex – who inspired us to create our own protocol for working with young people based on their ground-breaking work. Check out our full back catalogue here.

How we work:

Wunderbar works on an entirely not-for-profit basis, and none of our work is commercial. We raise money for projects through applying to funders such as Arts Council England, who co-funded this project. And, hopefully going forward, through the Wunderbar Foundation. We have no regular funding or salaried staff, though the regular team have been working together for a number of years.

Wunderbar is constituted as a Community Interest Company (CIC), a legal status that is pretty similar to being an ordinary registered company, but importantly has an asset lock, which means if the company closes any assets will be transferred to a like-minded organisation. Though we don’t, CICs can operate on a for-profit model so don’t get the benefits that registered charities do. We do benefit however in not administratively being a charity – a big burden for a small outfit.