Picture of a Glow-Gekko Romeo

You are a

Glow-Gekko Romeo

You are a strange beast, aren’t you? You don’t half get off on your personal success, reminding us a bit of a certain Gordon, whose reputation was all about personal success in the form of money. To be fair, he probably wouldn’t be caught dead playing this quiz. And nor are we accusing you of insider trading, but we do suspect you might follow the greed is good ideology. Or, more likely, the one that goes: the more money I make, the more people I can help, the better I look and feel, the more money I can make.

You do appear to have some love for the needy ants below you, the ones you throw cash off your rooftops towards, but it still puts us in a bit of a tricky situation. Do we want your money, if our association with you might damage our integrity?

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