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Open popup HTML visible body ends here We are interested in your top motivation from this list. You may have more than one - don’t worry, there will be a chance to add those thoughts later. So just pick your top choice. Circumstances where you might give money of course vary. We’re asking you to think more generally than specific here. To many of you, the way you act may be second nature, but if you had to give a reason, what would it be? What money? There isn’t an option here for “I don’t give money away”. We know that’s a possible answer for a number of reasons. So, if it’s about not having enough money to give away, think about what else other than cash you might give - your time, expertise, a helping hand. It’s your motivations, not your cash that we are interested in. If in fact you are a super scrooge, perhaps this game isn’t for you. Though if you do play, you might find we have some options for you. Explain what we mean by the question Definition in charity law of only one recognised intention Explain what to do if you answer “I dont give money” To help make good things happen - RW write diff between these two It’s doing a good deed To look good To feel good _____________________________
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